According to a recent study at the University of Surrey ( people who ate while they were busy tended to consume even more calories later. The study involved 60 women who were given a snack while they were walking, or while they were seated. They were then offered another snack later. The busy ones tended to eat more snacks during the second offering!

The issue is apparently distracted eating. When we mindlessly consume calories while involved with other things, we may not realize just how much we are eating. How many times have you been distracted at work and reached for a snack and then realize that before you know it, the whole bag of chips are gone? When we don’t pay attention to those calories, we tend to overindulge.

Additionally, people who tend to eat while they are busy may feel like the additional calories are “justified”. This is especially true when we are engaged in what I call quasi-healthy activities like walking, moving, and standing around. Our minds may give us permission to eat more calories later because we think, “Well, at least I wasn’t sitting”.

At Weight Loss Systems, we advise developing, preparing, and sticking to a food regimen that is tasty and workable based on your lifestyle and preferences. By having a plan, you are far more likely to stay within the bounds of healthy eating and avoid indulgent patterns. Call or visit us and let us help you start a healthy, medically supervised weight loss plan today!