Here at Weight Loss Systems, we have always been strong advocates for a low-fat, low-carb, and high-protein diet as part of our comprehensive weight loss program. Recently, yet another study showed how a diverse, protein-rich diet can positively affect cardiovascular health. A study at the University of East Anglia in the UK ( showed that certain amino acids can boost your heart health in ways that are comparable to adding exercise, or even stopping smoking!

The data of nearly 2,000 women showed that those who consumed the highest amount of amino acids had lower incidences of arterial hardening and even lower blood pressure. The diets with amino acids from animal source protein (leucine, tyrosine, and glutamic acid) demonstrated the best correlation with lessening arterial hardening. Additionally, diets with all the amino acids in the study, including arginine, cysteine, glycine, histidine, evidenced lower blood pressure. Those with proteins from vegetables seemed to reduce blood pressure the most.

This study seems to indicate that a healthy diet with sufficient amounts of protein can potentially produce health effects similar to other healthy living habits, such as exercise and quitting smoking. Good news for those of us who already knew how well this diet works, and tastes!

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