A critical part of our System 5 weight loss program is shifting more caloric intake from carbohydrates to protein. A high protein/low-carb diet has been show repeatedly to not only generate more initial fat loss, but people who follow this program tend to keep weight off longer ( http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/02/health/low-carb-vs-low-fat-diet.html ).

To help our clients achieve this goal, we offer the Healthwise brand of protein drinks as a protein supplement. Not only do these drinks have a light and fruit flavor, but they are high in whey protein concentrate. As a guy who has lifted weights most of his life, I have had the “opportunity” to consume virtual truckloads of different types of protein supplements. When I first tasted the Healthwise brand, I could NOT have been more pleasantly surprised. They are sweet and come in a variety of flavors. Let me ask you, when you have just finished a grueling workout and you are hot and thirsty, do you want a thick, malty, chalky drink, or something light and refreshing?

One taste will convince you. We always have samples in the clinic for you to try. Stop by and get some today. Or call Vicky at (904) 641-1311 and she will be happy to ship them to you!