Physician Assisted Weight Loss

Physician Assisted Weight Loss
Our Weight Loss Systems provide a total control program that works forever. You’ll lose weight and inches faster than ever before, safely, while enjoying real food. And you’ll learn the secrets of keeping it off. By providing real solutions, we hope to be the last weight loss program that you will ever need.

HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG Clinics of Florida is a medically supervised weight loss program  that has helped thousands of patients across the country lose weight in the past 65 years by Dr. Simeon in Europe. We have several programs available. Most of our patients lose a pound a day, however can lose up to 2 pounds.

Obagi Skin Care

Obagi Skin Care
All ages. All skin types. There’s an Obagi for everyone. “Obagi for Life” is our commitment to you and a lifetime of beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Regardless of your age or skin type, there truly is an Obagi for everyone. The Obagi System can help preserve and protect youthful-looking skin.

Weight Loss Systems

Our weight loss programs are easy to follow weight loss programs that provides phenomenal results. The program utilises a natural homeopathic formulation that promotes accelerates fat loss in the body when combined with a very low calorie diet. When administered in small doses, our accelerated fat loss formulation and dietary program can stimulate fat loss of up to 5 to 10kg in just 21 days. The dietary program has been used as an effective and safe system of weight loss for many years in clinics throughout Europe and has helped thousands of men and women lose stubborn fat stored on their waist, hips, butts and thighs forever. Our program is simple and easy to follow.

Persons looking for weight loss hear the words ‘eat less and exercise more’, but what do they mean? How much less? What foods should you eat? How much exercise is needed? What kinds of exercise should you do?

With a consultation at the WLS Wellness Center, you will learn to understand weight loss, what program is best for you, how other diets work, and why others fail.

Achieve Success With A Weight Loss & Diet Plan

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